B.H.P. Rifle Club Inc. shoots on Cessnock Rifle Range (see map) which is located on Kitchener Road Cessnock (just passed the turn off to Cessnock race course) and welcomes visitors to come and try the sport of target shooting. You don’t need a shooters licence to come and try target shooting you just need to fill in a Form P650 as required by the N.S.W. Firearms Registry. Distances shot vary from 100,200,300,500,600,700,800 and 900 yards it depends on what style of shooting you do. Start times vary from 8.30am Saturday morning for Service Rifle and 12.30pm Saturday afternoon for Target Rifle.


Calibres .308 (7.62mm) and .223 (5.56mm) and .303 using aperture sights and sling shot in the prone position.


Calibres .308 (7.62mm) and .223 (5.56mm) and .303 using telescopic sights shot in the prone position with a bipod or rest support.


Calibres any up to 8mm (.338 Lapua is not allowed) using telescopic sights in the prone position with a bipod or rest support.


B.H.P. Rifle Club, Service Rifle division, caters for members who have a preference for shooting the traditional military style matches on traditional military targets. This style of shooting is accomplished with ex-military Bolt Action rifles, usually of the types that were carried by our forebears on active service, and the more modern scoped rifle. As this Discipline of the club is primarily designed around Service Rifle shooting and in keeping with the spirit and original concept of Service Rifle shooting, the Club has weighted its championship matches around the traditional Service Rifle and its traditional matches. B.H.P. has also recognized that most members have a center fire rifle with a scope and/or a .22 Rimfire rifle sitting in the safe and in line with our Club approval we have designed regular shoots that can accommodate all rifle types and matches that will whet the appetite of most ardent shooters. The Service Rifle discipline was originally brought about by a group of members who wanted more variety and activity in target shooting. It also recognizes the fact that military rifle owners have legitimate sporting interests and provides an excellent opportunity to improve shooting skills and compete effectively without being restricted by the constraints of the other shooting disciplines. The Club conducts the majority of its shoots on a Saturday morning at Cessnock Rifle Range and the occasional Sunday (refer club calendar). All firearms and ammunition may be inspected by our qualified Range Officers to ensure they are safe to use. It is important to note that we do not have any projectile restrictions and in line with the Cessnock Range approval, no firearm with a caliber greater than 8mm is permitted to be used.   Do you own a Military Rifle and wish to use it as it was designed to be used? Do you want to shoot traditional military matches? Do you wish to be involved in competitions that offer an exciting variety of shooting? If so, then the B.H.P. RIFLE CLUB, SERVICE RIFLE DIVISION could be just what you are looking for.